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tv   Headline News  RT  August 24, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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helping the n.s.a. spy on millions of people. in the mediterranean in. syria. over the latest alleged chemical attack in the country. blamed the white house for failing to take. on hunger strike at the prison.
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good morning. just after nine am on saturday. live from the russian capital with the worldwide. google yahoo microsoft and facebook all of them have received millions of taxpayers dollars from the n.s.a. in return for helping to illegally spy on unsuspecting web users like yourself that's according to the latest top secret files leaked to the media by edward snowden and it is the first direct evidence of a financial relationship between the web and the u.s. surveillance agency. details from new york. judgment which was declassified on wednesday by the obama administration found that the agency was unable to separate purely domestic communications from foreign traffic now while the n.s.a. reportedly began working on a solution to the process that had been ruled illegal tech companies including google yahoo microsoft and facebook allegedly incurred cost certification demands
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the entire process reportedly cost the prism participants millions of dollars to implement each successful extension and those costs according to u.s. documents were covered by an arm of the n.s.a. known as special operations according to the guardian newspaper n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden has described special source operations as the crown jewel of the agency that handles all surveillance programs that rely on corporate partnerships with telecoms and internet providers to access communication data now this revelation is being considered evidence that a financial relationship between tech companies and the n.s.a. has existed and as the guardian newspaper put it the disclosure that taxpayers' money was used to cover the company's compliance costs raises new questions surrounding the relationship between silicon valley and the n.s.a. now the guardian reached out to the alleged prism participants for
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a response about receiving financial reimbursements from the u.s. government now yahoo spokesperson admits that the company has requested reimbursement quote consistent with the law facebook responded by saying it has never received any compensation in connection with responding to government data requests google did not answer any of the specific questions that were asked by the guardian newspaper and microsoft declined to give a response on the record so not only are we now learning that taxpayer dollars may have financed government programs that broke down barriers that protected citizens privacies the companies that are listed as pie. some participants are still denying any involvement with the surveillance program. this is r.t. the us navy is expanding its presence in the mediterranean it with a fourth cruise missile warship of the moves a response to the escalating conflict in syria i mean while in washington the defense department is set to assess america's options over the crisis and that's
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despite a statement by barack obama that the u.s. must be wary of involvement in further costly interventions attentions have been running high following accusations by the syrian opposition that assad's forces gassed hundreds of people near damascus on wednesday and that benoit kept mark from the university believes the possibility of the u.s. intervening in syria is turning into an imminent reality. judging from the statements that been made certainly in the house of representatives in congress there is a general sentiment towards some form of intervention which might come in the form of tactical strikes in the use of cruise missiles although there is still reservationist to the extent that such an intervention will take at this point it will be probably a minor one with the use of tactical weapons with more the united states still remains rather bruised by involvement in afghanistan and in iraq so if they risk
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being involved and i certainly do not see a commitment of ground forces of any of any sort what unfortunately i do see happen is the destabilizing of the situation the united states does take this route of intervention it's a fair point to make. moves are being made to initiate some strike. whether it's going to come in light of the u.n. investigation or whether it's going to come in light of anything else for means to be seen but i think it's fair point to say that the united states is putting the pieces into play a possible strike. in the meantime of the syrian opposition has pledged to guarantee safe passage for a u.n. team to inspect the side of an alleged deadly chemical attack earlier my colleague bill dalton artes or were they discussed if indeed that's a promise which can be kept. you have to understand that this statement came from the syrian national council which is essentially based in turkey and it's a bunch of men in suits and they're notoriously disjointed there has been a lot of criticism about their actions they can't seem to come to an agreement at
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the same time we also have to understand that we're talking about syria which is at this point penetrated by a whole number of rebel fighters a lot of who are actually associated with al qaida who are not exactly working together with the s.n.c. so this is the can say yes of course come in and take a look and actually they're insisting that the u.n. inspectors have to call and take a look and do their investigation within the next forty eight hours it's absolutely vital but the same time there is no guarantee that they will actually provide safe access considering that this is the area where the fighting continues between the forces and the rebel forces and of course u.n. inspection team it's been in the country for a few days anyway looking at previous reports for hysterics but what sort of progress has it made any developments not entirely because you have to understand that these are these reports that they're now investigating came a month ago right on the very similar circumstances again they were coming from the syrian opposition takes several months for the u.n. or the team of the u.n.
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inspectors to get there but the irony is that we still have absolutely no credible support to those statements as well in fact russian minister of foreign affairs said there has been a rocket fired indeed on wednesday but it was very similar to a rocket that was fired by the syrian opposition some months ago and that rocket was indeed laden with with chemical agent of some unknown origin and just finally what is the international. is behind this alleged chemical a lobbyist like russia for example there are some countries are calling on immediate investigation they're saying the u.n. should pay very close attention to these reports of bloodshed there have been some studies which insist that u.n. security council should immediately look into this into the into the abyss. and if the chemical attacks are proven to have taken place then the un should use force on syria and russia again reiterated their point that this is absolutely unacceptable
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to exert this kind of pressure on the syrian government which by the way seems to appear as if they are absolutely willing to offer to cooperate with the u.n. inspection team in terms of this alleged attack and mr foreign affairs of russia has actually said that this looks like another wave of anti-government syrian propaganda which is essentially being perpetrated by the syrian opposition and michael maloof a former senior security policy analyst at the office of the u.s. secretary of defense he says that unverified reports released by the opposition just and misleading the media. the syrian government has actually called upon the u.n. to investigate but they cannot. open up areas that are under the opposition control they can certainly. ask that the u.n. come in and look at whatever documentation they might have so i think that this is a very serious development and what's happening is that there are regular media is
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just assuming that it's the it's the syrian government when in fact they're being fed information from the opposition so i think everyone has to be very careful and certainly policymakers need to be very careful before they take any action it's going to be very very difficult to really get to the bottom of this latest episode . well i ten minutes past the hour here in the russian capital a two hundred days of force feeding coupled with alleged abuse by prison guards have now failed to break the resolve of dozens of hunger striking detainees at guantanamo bay and the protests that began in february went on to involve most of the captives at the facility it's put fresh legal and public pressure on president obama to finally deliver on his promise to shut down the prison which are currently holds one hundred and sixty six people now thirty seven of them are still refusing all food this in protest at indefinite detention and forty six in are being held
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without charge or trial with no freedom site eighty six were actually cleared for release years ago but they still remain in a state of legal limbo thanks to washington keeping the facility opening and running meanwhile let's talk about the costs u.s. taxpayers have in a cash out two point seven million a year per detainee that is dozens higher for the most expensive in made in one of the most high security prisons in the country now the total annual cost of guantanamo bay while that's topping four hundred and fifty million bucks and earlier my colleague bill dogged spoke to lawyer carlos warner who represents many of the inmates he says the white house is simply refusing to shut down guantanamo bay. the words that i hear from the camp are just as bad as they've always been suffering to feeding people not getting along no communication with the military so although the military is telling us that the numbers have gone down that's not the
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story that we're hearing we're hearing that again there's still that this horrible suffering going on and this is the two hundred day of this and we've heard accounts of horrific detainees treatment by the prison stuff including allegations of sexual abuse is anybody actually investigating these allegations now sexual abuse i think goes around these these searches these growing searches that they began and they did these searches obviously to keep my clients from talking to me in terms of investigation i don't think anybody's investigating that the camp says that we're doing this for security purposes but that's preposterous when you consider that the client isn't even seeing a lawyer the clients with soldiers talking on the phone entire time not present obama hasn't kept his promise to close the prison that cost millions during that time the budget cuts then the states will lose to make some are actually cleared for release so what will it take to finally close down guantanamo guantanamo is a political animal it's run by the in a phobia here in the united states and it's going to take
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a lot of hard work like people not only like people like me but but some people in washington in order to close it and right now you don't see that the president had to do already to transfer these individuals now that he can do it under the current law with no exceptions and he's choosing not to do so and he's even said that there are several countries that are ready willing able to take these individuals we know there's eighty six of them that are cleared for release the president has done nothing on that yet. ok let's turn our attention now to the out of egypt where fresh clashes between supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsi and the military now about reportedly left at least one person dead dozens injured in the capital cairo hundreds gathered in the. for what the muslim brotherhood dubbed a day of martyrs despite the return of the military to power in egypt president barack obama says that while the u.s. is reevaluating its relationship with the country it most likely will not cut off
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any aid he added that stopping the hand else wouldn't affect what the interim government does and at this point america needs to take into account what's in the long term interests of the egyptian people and of america itself a defense consultant moeen i would think the administration just wants to keep a friendly government and. the americans are ensuring that they have a friend in power they will always provide aid and this is why they're not canceling aid at all. and makes it clear that he's supporting all the u.s. government is supporting the present status of the military being in power to say that they are concerned about what has been going on the toppling of morsi and his detention that's just trying to fool the citizens of egypt. resume normal relations as soon as the civilians. go back home you know or
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stop protesting but the military and the united states government have had a very cozy relationship for four decades so that's that's not going to change. thanks for joining us here on r t today still to come for you in this hour more pain before it all comes to an end of the stricken city of preparing for record flooding as volunteers and emotions and crews fortify defenses and evacuating more people away from the bush. policies crew is right in the eye of the storm following all the developments a special report after the break. as well as this story the models in israel are forced to prove their body mass fits within the health standards that story coming your way just a second. ok . dave a crock you welcome you to ted you're all of virginia edge
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a little island in the middle of the chesapeake bay kind of a genius. county. pain here all in the chesapeake bay probably one of the best there is an attempt to sell for a. picture of ten year island before the channel was. oh here. way up there. as go all. right here are some of the headstones from graves it for you this is a fruit that's what we don't want to happen to change your all and we want to get some protection and make sure that we don't go into the chesapeake bay like uppers did in other communities. into the future. diamonds drills into texas on this one show we found out why
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secured state may soon be a girl's best friend already can you truly machine make sure it's work a solid watch design classes. still has room for improvement. to dispose of is an increase.
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it is good to have you with us here. on the wild update from rescue teams in the military raising their alert as massive floods continue to devastate regions in russia's far east the worst yet to come as the country's emergency ministry now says the peak of the disaster is actually expected later than originally forecast and should now be hitting in early september and with more downpours on the horizon water levels could top the eight mark in the worst case scenario and to give you an idea of just how massive the flooding has been so far let's give you something here the hard hit territories are sprawling over three russian regions could actually fit the whole of france and germany combined now there are pockets that have avoided flooding but many more areas have been engulfed. the main city i should say
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within the flood stricken area that is risking a similar fate to some of the more deluged regions. reports on what is obviously a dire situation. bass is a city under threat a city on the edge of the moment water levels are continuing to rise with the peak not expected for another twenty four hours or so now is the hour more river so that my right that is causing all the problems it's breached its banks and these are beginning to filter through to the city now work is continuing to reinforce the city around fifteen kilometers worth of dikes have been built like this one and they are being reinforced and raised along with the water levels now despite the perilous situation authorities say that they are prepared for the worst. organizational issues are worked out there could be some setbacks but the main point is that there are no big tombs analyzer work will work for the good now
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around two and a half thousand people have been affected by the flood so far in and around the city in the majority of those people have been housed in temporary accommodation centers that provide things such as food drinking water shelter and medicine and basically rest bite from the floods there are around seventy that have been built in and around the city in sports arenas and schools for example and this resident told r.t. that she simply doesn't know what to expect when she returns home. everything has been washed away cause firewood the second floor is already been flooded my flat is on the first floor and there are one and a half metres of water there i'm here now but all my furniture all my clothes are there now president vladimir putin is expected in the city and in the region early next week to inspect the damage to these floods of course but if the water levels continue to rise and they show absolutely no sign of receding it could be a while yet before the full extent of the damage is revealed. loads of stories on
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for example right now expectations. nuclear regulator. the latest inspection of radioactive water at the fukushima nuclear details of that report online for you right now. a ticking time bomb a story on how pension payments for the growing number of people aged over sixty could become. the world's top. right now on the web site for you. to see. and i think.
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some of the global headlines for you start with iraq suicide bomber killed at least twenty six and wounded dozens more in baghdad. crowded in the north of the capital and the latest assault has brought the death toll for the day to thirty six a softer a wave of attacks. and two bombs targeting mosques in the lebanese city of tripoli have killed at least forty two and injured more than three hundred fifty this according to local officials and one blast claimed the lives of worshipers at the tukwila mosque that's home to a cleric with reported links to syria's opposition i mean it's later a second explosion occurred during friday prayers at a mosque in the marina district this point no one has claimed responsibility. and a u.s. soldier responsible for the killing of sixteen afghan civilians has been sentenced to life in prison without parole a robot bails stormed
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a village in kandahar province and twenty twelve in the middle of the night shooting families while they were asleep attorneys say the assault came as a result of stress and trauma suffered during military operations and the staff sergeant apologized for the killings and pleaded guilty in june to avoid the death penalty. here of being killed and sixty injured in a riot in the country's largest maximum security prison a part of my soul are some prisoners were shot others that were burned to death in a fight between rival gangs in many overcrowded latin american jails inmates largely control the full inside of the facility. for now it is a world's first a new israeli law demanding that models prove their body mass fits within the health guidelines and there's legislation was designed to stop the soaring numbers of young girls suffering from eating disorders. went to investigate. in
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a world where you can never be too rich or too thin violet a rise is an exception a model who's trying to put on weight i know i always add healthier food but now i try and read more carbs or protea to try and gain some weight it's in line with the new israeli law the first of its kind worldwide models now have to provide a medical report of every photo shoot proving their body mass meets world health organization standards advertisers also have to clearly mark images of digitally enhanced to airbrush away the kilos from the not quite perfect models that any about the on one hand i am for the law if it means young man women won't harm themselves by becoming underweight but on the other hand there are girls like me who are naturally fans and who can work because of it. a recent study found that nearly a third of all young women believe anorexia is a way to gain social acceptance but it means that israel now has one of the highest
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eating disorder rates in the world the statistics are staggering at least one in twenty young israelis suffers from the problem dr helen dato co drafted the law she believes the fault is with the fashion world that promotes pictures of skinny models in israel if you have kids every year develop it in this order five percent of them develop a new rx which means that they're made out of food in the first cause of their among the under ration up to the age of twenty four they're from the north but critics question how the law will be enforced many model agencies have not come on board one other say the needs to be a better way of measuring just how underweight models actually are i think they took a very big issue very big problem and tried to solve it in the wrong way make her do black just make her go to whatever they think and this is how you know for real . not just the number that she's worth and. she's in good shape for shot
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one shot it's a painful reminder of the many years she spent as a causative believe make eating and throwing up her food in private today she's a life coach helping those who might not come to her because of problems with food but who inevitably struggle with what they eat the problem. is not about food the problem is in motion now and you can tell someone to gain weight if she still has these inner problem with food then with herself so you didn't last thing as many as seventeen million people suffer from eating disorders across the globe governments have taken steps to prevent so-called size zero medical problems but unlike israel or have so far shied away from legislation italy and india banned underweight models from the catwalk after two and a mix of models in europe y. and brazil died the u.k. and u.s. have guidelines but the industry is self-regulated. it's still too soon to say
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whether this new anorexic law will become the model for the fashion industry its intentions might be good but it's up against a multi-billion dollar dieting fashion and advertising industry policy r t tel aviv it's been a pleasure having you with us here in our. in the russian capital just a moment though the latest edition of technology updated. they say geo politics is a lot like a schoolyard and while obama snubbing a meeting with the president of russia to in theory punish him for the stone incident sounds kind of amateur that is the kind of stuff the girl you did when you're sixteen would do cancel a date just to show you how much your feelings are hurt let's not mistake this
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canceled meeting with cutting off diplomatic relations which is the total rejection of any form of discussion with another country which really isn't a bold and possibly dangerous but a good message but obama did was more like a minor annoyance he knows that he will talk to putin again in the near future i mean how are they not going to talk at the next g eight summit what is he just going to have to hide behind merkel the whole time and hope it works out or ducked behind the shrimp cocktail whatever here's a russian accent one could argue that to appease republicans he had to do something to look strong after the student but this grandstanding just comes across as silly passing something like a new jackson verda commandment yeah that is how you could shows people that you're really mad even if your anger is irrational because stone pretty much did the right thing but that's just my opinion.
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hello and welcome to technology all bates on today's show we'll be sally brown i'd like hot my food water. our design classic still has room for improvements. on how to recycle tires and improve roads in one fell swoop. but first we're all familiar with the lengthy security procedures to airports where we recently found out that the technology that keeps us all safe can also be used to put a smile on a girl's face. check diamonds a price the pulled over for their astounding physical properties and takes there
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also it kills best friend also the song goes and no matter where you are the queen of england with her crown jewels or you prefer something more subtle one thing is true the larger the diamond the rarer it is and the more it's worth that's why bush and diamond producer struck up an online partnership with a company specializing in explosive detective neutron technologies is located a two hour drive and allegedly bike ride outside of moscow in the tranquil town of not the town doesn't look much like a scientific poll but appearances compete to see ving we've come to the joint institute for nuclear research institute currently unites eighteen countries and seven labs carrying out pioneering research in particle physics. and this is where the much of coppens hidden away behind these radiation proof doors lies a hive of innovation and the home of neutron technologies which was founded in part by the nuclear research institute the explosive and narcotics detectives produced here using it.


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